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Hewlett-Packard (HP), founded by William Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1947. Since then HP has become the world’s largest company in the field of information technology. With headquarters in Palo Alto California HP has established a global presence in the world or laptop computing. In the third quarter of 2007 HP became the world’s single largest supplier of computer systems. In 2002 HP bought Compaq and has continued to expand and improve their notebook offerings using the best technology and design both firms have to offer.

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HP Leaks News of Ultra-Portable
Looking for more traditional laptop qualities in a small package? If so then this new Ultra-Portable from HP may be the product for you. Featuring many traditional laptop features, this Vista based system will weigh less than 3 pounds and take up no more than 9 inches.

HP 2510p For Graphic Intensive Jobs
For those times when you need the power of a quality desktop consider a new line of laptops and portable desktop replacement units that can bridge the gap between the need to travel and the need for power. HP Laptop Rentals:

HP chases business travelers with 3 new ultra-portables
Computerworld, MA - Aug 18, 2008
The HP EliteBook 2530p is the smallest and lightest HP laptop that contains a built-in optical drive. Weighing in at three pounds, the machine sports an HP ...

HP’s 550 business laptop shows up on its product page
Gadgetell, MO - Aug 4, 2008
We say budget because the new HP laptop features some not so expensive Core 2 Duos and Celerons as configurations for its processor. ...

TV4U Presents Historic 1973 USA vs. China Basketball Game as HP ... (press release), Montenegro - Aug 2, 2008
TV4U provides HP laptop owners with Quickplay an exclusive video on demand classic television channel 'TV4U on HP', including the monthly 'HP Specials' ...

HP/Compaq's PC Support
About - News & Issues, NY - Jul 25, 2008
I had a HP laptop that I was quite happy with and expected to continue purchasing HP/Compaq products. It now looks like this will be my last. ...

Mobile Awards
Mobile Today, UK - Aug 21, 2008
3 is offering an HP laptop and 150 texts in its £30-per-month dongle deal, and Orange’s free Asus laptop is available for £25 per month but with no free ...

Apple's Market Cap Exceeds Google
Slashdot - Aug 14, 2008
I took apart a HP laptop, and it was made of components (transistors, capacitors, circuit board, gold linings and such), you know, the boring usual result ...

Intel's solid state drives will enable 24-hour laptops, UK - Aug 20, 2008
Using the popular I/O Meter application, Intel demoed an HP laptop with the new SSD achieving an astonishing 12000 read operations per second. ...

Mobile Today

Photo Galleries
Mobile Today, UK - Jul 23, 2008
Small and medium business customers who sign up to a £35 or £40 per month package will receive an HP laptop with an Icon 225 dongle, with unlimited data ...

Better known for being an entertainment retailer specialising in ... (Pressemitteilung), Austria - Aug 19, 2008
Their main products include the Panasonic Plasma TV, Pioneer Plasma Television, Samsung LCD TV, LG LCD TV , HP Laptop and Sony Laptop.

Three giving free Laptops with Mobile Broadband
3G (press release), UK - Aug 14, 2008
... web whenever and wherever it takes your fancy. You can now also get an HP laptop when you sign for a 2-year Mobile Broadband bundle with a monthly 5GB data.