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AirCard Rentals

AirCards, Wireless Internet Data Cards and Mobile Broadband Cards. Keeping you connected wirelessly while traveling.

AirCard and Wireless Data Card Rentals Mac Data Card Rental
PC Data Card Rental

3G Data Card Rental
High Speed 4G Data Card Rental

Not sure what WiFi, 3G or 4G is? Find out: Wireless Laptop Technologies Explained

What is an AirCard or Wireless Data Card?

An AirCard Rental is a device for your laptop that allows the user to connect to the internet wirelessly from almost anywhere. The AirCard connects to your mobile gadget using an available USB port, PCMCIA card slot or ExpressCard slot. On average, 3G mobile broadband card rentals offer speeds of 600-1400 kbps download and 350-500 kbps upload. Its important to note that not all aircards are both Mac and PC compatible.

Renting an Aircard is the most flexible way to get instant internet access on your mobile device.

Why Rent an AirCard?

These days, most laptops, cell phones and tablets come with WiFi enabled, but for those situations when you cant connect to the internet using WiFi, thats when an AirCard Rental is critical. If you are traveling (literally moving) then WiFi "hotspots" wont work. If a WiFi location is secure and you dont have the password, then your WiFi is useless. If there are no WiFi access points within reach of your WiFi, then you won't have access to the internet. In these circumstances, an AirCard Rental will grant you access to the internet without password requirements and you wont need to find a new hotspot to connect to once you leave the previous hotspot (traveling). Our Aircard Rentals are available for rent for a day, a week, a month or even longer.

All Laptop Rentals come equipped with WiFi and require a 3G data card in order to connect without access points. All Tablet PC Rentals and iPad Rentals come equipped with WiFi with optional 3G coverage. Only select rentals offer 4G service and are subject to availability.
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