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Information for the Laptop Rental Industry

Information, News, and Advice regarding how Laptop Rentals and Notebook Rentals benefit the businessman and personal consumer. Visit our Laptop Rental Blog for more money saving tips on Laptop and Notebook Rentals.

Sony Vaio Used Notebooks
The Sony Vaio is a business class notebook designed around industry leading technologies, and is made for portability and ease of use.

Asus G50VT-X5 Laptop Review
We got our hands on one of the new Asus G50VT gaming notebooks and are here to tell you about it.

Acer Aspire 6930G Laptop Review
We review the Aspire 6930G laptop which is Acer's 2nd generation of 16:9 aspect ratio laptops.  This laptop comes with some very impressive features and an all around great price.

Dell Introduces New Laptops to Vostro Line
On April 2nd Dell made available its new Vostro laptop model including a few older redesigned models and are aimed at attracting business users.

10,000 Laptops Stolen Each Week At Airports in U.S.
Each week an estimated 10,278 laptops are stolen throughout the top 36 largest airports in the U.S. It is also estimated that a total of 637,000 are stolen each year. With these numbers so high why would you even consider bringing your laptop to the airport?

Dell Decides To Re-Design Laptop Line
In an attempt by Dell to increase their market share in the laptop industry, has decided to completely redesign and revamp their Vostro Laptop Line.

Spring Break Personal Laptop Rentals
Spring break is quickly approaching and a lot of people are making vacation plans. A 10 day laptop rental makes a great addition to any vacation.

HP to Ship an Ultra-Mobile PC
Expected by the spring of 2008 HP will debut it's first Ultra-Portable PC. At 3 pounds and 9 inches this baby is expected to live in the consumer electronics market while providing many of the features once reserved for it's larger laptop relatives.

How to Improve Your Laptop Performance
Laptop running slow? A quick guide on how to boost the performance of your laptop using hardware and software tweaks.

Jobs Reveals the Macbook Air at Macworld
Steve Jobs reveals the Macbook Air at Macworld Expo 2008. The ultraportable notebook will be about 0.75 inches thick and weigh about 3 pounds. Jobs also revealed Apples jump into the online movie rental business.

Rumors of an Ultraportable Mac
Wide-spread rumors of an ultraportable mac are buzzing around the web. Possibilities of an external optical drive, multitouch trackpad, and a very interesting new design for a docking station.

Lenovo Enters the Consumer PC Market
Lenovo has entered the consumer PC market with the addition of their new line of notebook and desktop PCs, the IdeaPad and the IdeaCentre.

Acer Teams with BMW Design
Acer and BMW Design work together to produce the Gemstone design to be used on certain Acer models. Now your laptop can match your car.

Dell Sets New Benchmarks for Tablet PCs
The new Dell Latitude XT is one of the best tablet PCs on the market today. It is the industry's only convertible tablet with pen and capacitive touch that weighs less than four pounds.

Top 50 Laptop Rental Cities
This is a list of the 50 most popular cities to rent a laptop in. All the way from New York, New York to Detroit, Michigan.

Laptop Rentals For Trips & Travel
Laptop Rentals are very popular for trips and vacations. A laptop rental for your vacation getaway is the perfect accessory to help you stay connected while out of town.

Wireless Hot Spots For Wireless Laptop Rentals
Traveling with a wireless laptop rental and need to get on the internet? Find wireless hot spots from in your desired location from a list of all 50 states.

Thieves Want Your Laptop And Your Data
Laptops are one of the most targeted items by thieves, not only for the equipment, but also the data on the laptop. Rent Our Laptops takes a more thorough look at ways to prevent your personal laptop or rental laptop from getting stolen.
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