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Mississippi iPads Rentals employs a vast database of local technicians and installers, ready to service your iPad rental needs in any Mississippi location. If you are traveling to Mississippi for vacation or business, our agents can have the netbook you need delivered right to your destination upon arrival and have it ready for personal use.

So let us know what your laptop needs are in our quote form so that we can help make your travel more relaxing and hassle free. It's just that easy!

1 Mississippi Tech-Army Troops Delivering iPads has 1 members of the Tech-Army in Mississippi that are prepared to deliver and setup your next iPad rental. Whether you need it for one week, one day, or just for one meeting, we can make sure you have the equipment you need, when you need it.
iPad Rentals in Mississippi

Why Get an iPad Rental Mississippi?

iPad rentals are notorious for their high degree of mobility, since they are thin and light weight. With an iPad Rental you can keep track of information, as well as connect to the Web, in the middle of being on the go in Mississippi. If you will be traveling, then you should consider getting a 3G iPad rental so that you can connect anywhere.
iPad 2 Rentals in Mississippi

iPad 2 Features

The iPad 2 is not only thinner and lighter, the iPad 2 also has a few additional advantages:

  • Dual-core A5 chip:This chip means that the iPad 2 has twice the speed and power, and it doesn't lose any of its 10-hour battery life.
  • Two cameras: One camera in front and one on the back, the iPad 2 is great for video conferencing.
  • WiFi+3G: You can choose between WiFi or 3G.
iPad & Projector Combo Rentals in Mississippi

iPad & Projector Combo Rentals

If you have to make a presentation in Mississippi, an iPad and Projector make a great team, especially if you are traveling to do so. The iPad allows you to navigate your video presentation with touch gestures, all while being able to roam your presentation space. With a Panasonic Projector Rental you can use the Panasonic Wireless Projector app for the iPad, which allows you to project files wirelessly.
Tablet PC Rentals for travel in Mississippi

iPad Locks

If theft is a concern with your rental in Mississippi, then our agents can include an iPad lock with your rental. If for example, you are setting up iPads at a tradeshow booth, or just need to use one in a high-traffic area, then you can lock your rental down. So you wouldn't need to constantly worry about the safety of your iPad rentals and focus on having a successful trade show.
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