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United States Mini-Laptop Rentals will deliver and install your mini-laptop rental anywhere in United States.

We Ship To Any Location in the United States!

Wherever you happen to be in the U.S. we ship to your location! Just contact your Tech Travel Agent at 888-736-8301!
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Why Get a Mini-Laptop Rental?

If you often travel and need a computer that is smaller and lighter, then you should consider a mini-laptop rental. These machines are optimized for travel, with screens as small as 5 inches in diagonal and typically weigh of 2-4 pounds.
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7-10 Inch Mini-Laptop Rentals

Mini-Laptops can be 7-10 inches, and are ideal if you need a lot of mobility in your rental. Mini-Laptops are among the easiest devices to travel with.
Built-in Webcam Rentals

Built-in Webcam

Many mini-laptops now have a built-in webcam, allowing for easy video conferencing with family, friends and other associates. If you need video conferencing capabilities, be sure to ask our agents.
Preloaded Laptop Rentals in

Preloaded Software offers the hassle free service of imaging every laptop you rent from us with your company's software pre-installed. also offers select business software suites like Microsoft Office, including: Microsoft Word, Excel, & Access. This makes your job much easier because all you have to do is boot up the laptop and it is ready to go.
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