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Dell Sets New Benchmarks for Tablet PCs

Dell Laptop RentalsThe new Dell Latitude XT is one of the best tablet PCs on the market today. It is the industry's only convertible tablet with pen and capacitive touch that weighs less than four pounds. This new capacitive technology sense the touch of a finger without any pressure required for the system to recognize the input. With resistive touch technology (which is what most tablets on the market today are using) it took a larger application of force for the system to recognize any user interaction. Resistive touch technology is less accurate and is rated to be ten times less durable compared to capacitive touch.

The Latitude XT is thinner and lighter than most competitive tablets on the market. The speed and accuracy of touch reponse is faster than most competitive tablets which makes it one of the most reponsive tablets due to capacitive touch technology. The XT also has advanced digital palm rejection that helps prevent accidental disruptions from the touch input. The XT is also Maintenance-free.

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