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Lenovo Enters the Consumer PC Market

Since the consumer PC market represents over 40% of all PCs sold and is expected to have an average growth of almost 10% per year over the next three years, its no wonder why Lenovo wants a piece of the action.

Lenovo has announced its launch of a new line of notebooks, the IdeaPad, and desktop PCs, the IdeaCentre. Much like the ThinkPads, the IdeaPad will be a consumer-friendly version of their notebooks. There will be a trio of IdeaPads, the IdeaPad Y510, Y710, and the U110. The IdeaPads will come with a different type of log-in and authentication process. Users can make their face their password with the new VeriFace™ software. VeriFace™ is face recognition software combined with an embedded camera to recognize a user's face for logging in and reducing the need for remembering passwords. The notebooks are also loaded with Dolby® Home Theater and Lenovo's Multimedia Control Center for exceptional surround sound and a cinema-style experience. The IdeaPad screens are also frameless which makes for a unique viewing experience.

The IdeaPad Y510 will be designed for customers looking for that all-in-one notebook. From word processing to photo and video editing, this notebook will have a variety of computing tasks and a 15-inch screen.

The IdeaPad Y710 caters to the entertainment enthusiast. This notebook PC has a 17-inch widescreen and was designed for users who desire high performance for entertainment purposes.

The IdeaPad U110 was designed for on-the-go users. This IdeaPad is an ultraportable notebook with an 11-inch screen. It only weighs 2.3 pounds and is only .7-inches deep. The U110 is very durable with its Active Protection System that is like an airbag that keeps the hard drive parked to help protect data during a fall. With additional battery and computing time and optional solid state flash drives, this is a great notebook for highly mobile users.

Be sure to keep a look out for these IdeaPad models in our IBM (Lenovo) Laptop Rentals.
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