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Rumors of an Ultraportable Mac

Apple Mac Ultraportable Laptop Rental It may only be a rumor, but its a wide-spread rumor thats got Mac enthusiasts going crazy. There are several attributes that this ultraportable Mac is rumored to have, some are more far-fetched than some of the others.

The Mac sub-notebook is rumored to be lacking an optical drive, which is common to reduce the weight of a notebook in going from a standard to an ultraportable notebook, and will come with or have the option of an external optical drive. This rumor is realistic considering that several ultraportable notebooks ship with USB external optical drives.

Another rumor that has been floating around the web is that the ultraportable Mac will be equipped with a multitouch trackpad. However, Macbooks already use simple multitouch trackpads for two-finger scrolling. But what is interesting, is the possibilities of a trackpad with capabilities like that of the iPhone. A Leopard update would allow for things like swiping and zooming on the trackpad.

The latest rumor, and perhaps the most unrealistic, is that Apple filed a patent for a possible docking station for the ultraportable notebook. The docking station will actually be an iMac-style desktop PC with a loading dock on the side that the ultraportable will slide into. Gizmodo does a good job of portraying this idea of the docking station. A very interesting idea, but still far-fetched. Several of the patents that Apple have filed never took off, so this idea may not come to fruition.

Most of this is still speculation, but from all the hype I've been hearing, I would be disappointed if we don't see an ultraportable Mac when Macworld rolls around. If the rumors do prove to be true, keep an eye on our Apple (Mac) Laptop Rentals.

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