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Tips For Improving Laptop Performance

There is nothing more frustrating than realizing that your laptop has slowed down to a snails pace and any small task you try to accomplish is drawn out due to horrendous load times and constant lock-ups. Fortunately there are many hardware and software tweaks you can perform on your laptop to help get it back on its feet.

3 Critical Factors That Determine Speed

It would be best to avoid this situation in the first place by getting a laptop which you know will have great speed and efficiency. You can accomplish this by paying attention to three main factors which will determine your laptops speed:

1. CPU (Central Processing Unit) - This is the first and most crucial component of your laptop. CPU speed is measured in megahertz, and the more megahertz your CPU has the more cycles it will accomplish in a shorter amount of time. In short, the faster the CPU is the faster your computer can process tasks.

2. RAM (Random Access Memory) - The second factor you should consider is the amount of RAM your laptop will have. When running big programs on your computer or multi-tasking your computer will load these programs into the RAM in order to run. Should your laptop "run out" of RAM, than your laptop has to create temporary files on the hard-drive to continue running these programs. When compared to the speed of RAM in handling data, your hard-drive is exponentially slower. Having more RAM means that your computer will be able to run more programs without using the hard-drive.

3. Hard Drive - Last but not least is your hard-drive. Generally hard disks are considered as only "a place to keep stuff" and often little attention is paid to how they affect your laptop as a whole. All hard drives are measured in speed by how many RPM's (Revolutions Per Minute) they operate at and the more RPM's your hard-drive has the faster data can travel from the hard-drive to your laptop. Higher RPM hard drives will make the difference in the speed of loading programs and writing data.

What You Can Do To Improve Your Laptop's Speed

Hardware Adjustments
In addition to being proactive in choosing your laptop parts there are hardware and software tweaks you can perform to give your laptop a boost in speed. The simplest and most effective way to increase performance on your laptop is to add some RAM. It is recommended to have at least 2 GB of RAM and most commonly laptops have between 2 and 4 GB.

Software Adjustments
Alternatively there are many software tweaks you can perform on your laptop to help it along and many come along with your pc. When using your laptop files will become fragmented and your computer will slow down because your hard-drive has to search for files scattered across the drive. Defragging your hard-drive will solve this problem and will pack all your files together for easy access from your hard-drive.

In order to perform this click Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Defragmenter and the program will give you a brief estimate of fragmentation on your hard-drive so you can decide if you should run the disk defragmenter which will take some time to complete. It is recommended you defrag once every 2-3 months to keep your laptop running smoothly.

Too Many Applications and Startup Processes
Many laptops come with software you don't need that is put there by the manufacturers and will launch every time you boot up. When these programs are compounded on each other your notebook can be severely slowed down. You can manually end some of these processes via Task Manager, however most will begin running again upon start up. Additionally, Spyware is a common problem. Spyware is hidden software that runs in the background of your computer and uses your system resources. There are several programs (even free ones) that can help spot spyware/adware and eliminate it.

If your laptop is ever starting to bog down and run slowly then remember these quick tweaks to get it back on track.

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