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Toshiba is oldest of the Japanese computer manufacturing giants. Today Toshiba is highly diverse and much has changed from their early days when they were the first to manufacture incandescent lights, radar, MRI systems for the medical industry, and the sub-notebook personal computer. Most notable about Toshiba is they are considered the first company to have made the first "real" laptop that was portable enough for a broad consumer market.

The Toshiba1000 laptop was first released in 1987 and it built the foundation for the success of future generations of Toshiba Laptops.  Today a Toshiba laptop rental would generally be considered an excellent choice when having industry leading reliability is important to your project. A Toshiba Laptop Rental combines both reliability and top of the line technology, all at affordable prices. If you would like a Toshiba Laptop Rental, or are considering the purchase of a new or refurbished Toshiba laptop, then see our Toshiba Laptops below for fast online ordering.

New - A new Toshiba Laptop called the Qosmio G55 will be making use of a quad-core processor, but not one made by Intel or AMD.  This laptop will  be using the "Quad-Core HD processor" which was developed jointly by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba.  These chips will be using the Cell Broadband Engine and the chip will have a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz and boasting low power usage.

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SFR, Internity team up for 3G+, Toshiba laptop bundle
Telecom Paper (subscription), Netherlands - Aug 20, 2008
The Toshiba laptop runs Vista and features a 15.4-inch display, 2.13 GHz Celeron 560 processor, 120 GB hard drive and 2 GB of RAM. ...

Toshiba Supports Launch of Latest Intel Computer Processor and ...
MarketWatch - Aug 19, 2008
Meanwhile, Intel's WiMAX broadband technology lays the foundation for next-generation wireless connectivity, empowering Toshiba laptop users with the ...
Toshiba Supports Launch of Intel Mobile Quad-Core CPUs and WiMAX ... TMCnet
Toshiba Adds Support for New Intel Processor and Wireless Technology TMC Net
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KPN offers free laptop with ADSL service
Telecom Paper (subscription), Netherlands - Aug 5, 2008
Customers who take a contract for the Internet Premium service at 20 Mbps and EUR 50 per month will receive a Toshiba laptop worth EUR 549. ...

A stink over printer ink
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Aug 17, 2008
Among these was a rare "good news" piece, with reader Mark Cruickshank citing a happy experience with his Toshiba laptop. "My laptop purchased in Australia ...

Hi, I have Toshib a Laptop A200 se..., India - Jul 22, 2008
I have Toshiba Laptop A200 series. I have brought the Gemini Ext USB TV tuner Device and install the software as given in the CD. ...

Slippery Brick

Another Toshiba laptop, or two, doing the Centrino 2 dance
Slippery Brick, OR - Jul 25, 2008
The initial buzz of the new Intel Centrino 2 chip technology now seems to have died down as related laptops settle into regular purchasing habits. ...

Woman takes 'lemon laptop' problems to 5 on Your Side, NC - Aug 11, 2008
After dealing with intermittent issues with her Toshiba laptop for nearly three years, Catherine Hamilton called 5 on Your Side’s Monica Laliberte for help. ...

Toshiba and Orange County Innovation Seek Entries for Green ...
MarketWatch - Aug 6, 2008
Aside from an award from Toshiba, the winner will receive $5000 and a Toshiba laptop PC. Second- and third-prize winners will receive $3000 and $1000, ...

Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q701
CNET Reviews - Aug 21, 2008
The good: Inexpensive; unique lid design; amazing stereo sound; decent performance; light-touch media controls; HDMI and eSATA ports; charges USB devices, ...

Incapacitated teacher tries new technology
Scripps News, DC - Aug 7, 2008
By HELEN ANNE TRAVIS, St. Petersburg Times Cheryl Salyer's face appeared life-size and grainy on the pixilated screen of a Toshiba laptop. ...
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