More Than A Rental Company is more than just a laptop rental company. We are a full service event technology provider. We make it easy on event planners and coordinators by handling the technical equipment side of your event. Whether you need laptop rentals for event registrations, training classes, job fairs, working remote from home, or if you're a traveling professional, we can help take the stress out of your event technology needs!

Work from Home Rentals

If your business has made, or is considering making, the switch to working remotely, we're here to help! We have all of the equipment you need in order to complete all of your normal at-work tasks, but in a work-from-home setting. We're even able to pre-install many commonly used software programs, including the Microsoft Office Suite and Zoom. Request a quote today to ensure a smooth transition of workplace infrastructure.

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Our Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on our excellent service that sets us apart from other rental companies. Our agents have decades of experience with event technology and equipment planning.

Laptop Setup & Support

We offer on-site setup and networking as well as imaging services so all your laptops are identical and are only loaded with software you need for your event.

We Offer Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, We understand our customers laptop rental needs.
We offer laptop rental solutions for all of your events!

Training Classes

Laptop rentals for training classes like Microsoft Office or new company software.

Event Registration

Laptop rentals for event registrations, check-ins, badge printing, data gathering and more.

Hiring Events

Laptop rentals for hiring events like job fairs, aptitude tests and application filing.

User Conferences

Laptop rentals for user conferences, collecting feedback, growing your brand and product launching.


Laptop rentals for professional production for movies, music, commercials, animations and more.

Application Testing

Laptop rentals for application testing, benchmarking and software development projects.

Temporary Hires

Laptop rentals for temporary employees and short term hires.

Tech Camps

Laptop rentals for technical learning and development camps like summer camps and coding camps.

Temporary Offices

Laptop rentals for election campaigns, tax season, litigation war rooms, disaster recovery, work from home, and more.

Custom Configurations

Laptop rentals configured with the exact specifications your event requires.
Rent As Many as you need!

Mac or Windows OS

We have a full line of MacBook laptops, Windows laptops, and Microsoft Surface laptops available for rent.

Technical Specs

Any technical specifications you need from memory (RAM) to processor speeds to graphics cards (GPU).

Preloaded Software

Software you need for your event can be pre-installed, even custom in-house company software.

Preloaded Software

Large Quantity Imaging

No matter how many laptops you need for your project or event, we can supply them. We also offer imaging for large quantity laptop rentals, so that all of the laptops have the same exact software.

We can image your company's in-house, custom software also! We can even send a test unit to guarantee compatibility between the laptop and your software. We can also send a seed unit for you to download your software on that will be used to image the rest of your large quantity rental.

Microsoft Office

We can preload Microsoft Office on your laptop rental for an additional fee per laptop.

Microsoft office

Free or Licensed Software

We can preload your laptop rental with any software that is available for free. Please note that we can not preload software that requires a license unless you own a license to that software.


Choose how much RAM you need

Our laptop rentals come standard with at least 4GB of RAM. Please specify in your quote request how much RAM you require. RAM can be upgraded to 8GB. If you need a laptop with more RAM, you might consider renting a mobile workstation laptop.

laptops with graphics

Laptops with Graphics

If you need enhanced graphics and require an upgraded video card, we offer NVidia GeForce graphics cards with 2GB of VRAM. If you are in need of a higher end video card, you might consider renting a gaming laptop as they can have up to 8GB of VRAM.

Wireless Internet Solutions
for your laptop rentals

Whether you are hosting an event with one or one hundred attendees, having adequate internet hotspots is a must. Renting these hotspots from a venue can quickly become an expensive and time consuming task. With a variety of sizes and flexible rental periods, Rent Our Laptops is ready to provide a hotspot solution for your next convention, conference, or marketing event. Our hotspot rentals are available in multiple size quantities and can serve groups large or small. Talk to one of our rental experts today—we will help you find the right hotspot for your event at the best price.