Chromebook Rentals

The Chromebook offers solutions for many business and creative challenges.




Intel Celeron


4 GB

With a 360-degree hinge and a multitouch display, the Chromebook is an effective rental solution for many uses like academic applications, training classes, hiring events, and more. The Chromebook is also a simple rental solution for any event that requires several easy-to-navigate computers like tech camps or performing a large-scale survey. All of our rental Chromebook boast the latest virus protection software and an Intel Celeron Processor, giving you the speed and security you need. Whether for business or creative needs, the Chromebook is a laptop rental you can rely on.

We Offer Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, We understand our customers' Chromebook rental needs.

Tech Camps

Chromebooks are great laptop rentals for technical learning and development camps like summer camps and coding camps.

Performing Surveys

The lightness and portability of a Chromebook makes it a great rental choice for performing marketing surveys.

Training Classes

A Chromebook laptop rental is an effective tool for corporate and technology training courses.