Dell Precision Workstation Laptop Rentals

Thin. Light. Incredibly Powerful.




Intel i7


8GB / 16GB

The Dell Precision Workstation Laptop is a light, portable rental solution built with the latest Intel Core processor and a powerful graphics engine. Renting the world’s smallest 15” workstation gives you the power to take your work with you — whether you are designing an advertisement, working on an animation or building a business plan.

With a thin, power-packed design, the Precision Workstation Laptop offers the fastest laptop speeds available in a ready-to-travel size. Let show you how much renting a Dell Precision Workstation Laptop can increase your productivity.

We Offer Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, We understand our customers' Dell Precision Workstation Laptop rental needs.

Digital Editing

Dell Mobile Workstation Laptops are popular rentals for videographers, designers and animators to edit their work. Precision Workstation Laptop rentals require the speed and power needed for any editing task.

Corporate Presentations

The Precision Mobile Workstation Laptop is a powerful rental for marketing presentations, corporate trainings, and product release events.

Software Development

The speed and power offered by a Dell Precision Workstation rental is ideal for refining and testing software applications on the go.