Freedom WiFi Hotspot Rentals

WiFi for your next large event or convention.




Up to 150 MBps



A FreedomWifi rental provides a standalone internet option completely free from the in-house wifi or the 'Free WiFi' you get from event venues. The rates some venues charge for basic internet connectivity can be outrageous or they use their 'Free Wifi' tactics to secure and overcharge you for your other event needs.

  • The Freedom WiFi Hotspot is scalable for any amount of users.
  • Freedom WiFi Hotspot's bond multiple LTE connections from the top U.S. carriers.
  • Quick and easy setup for plug & play deployment.
  • Network reporting and analytics available.
  • No last minute order penalties!
  • We Offer Solutions

    With over 30 years of experience, We understand our customers Internet & Hotspot rental needs.

    Event Internet Access

    Cradlepoint Hotspot rentals are perfect for events with any number of attendees.

    Conference Internet Access

    Internet & Hotspot rentals are ideal for business conferences, training meetings, and short term internet backup.

    Expensive Venue WiFi

    With a Cradlepoint Hotspot rental, you avoid using your venue's outrageously priced wifi.